Friday, January 23, 2015


J’entends une voix
Au-delà de l’univers
En dehors de l’existence
Qui m’appelle, silencieusement
Qui me dit :
« Dépêche-toi
Il est déjà tard
Tout est fini
Dépêche-toi »
Il est déjà tard
Mais il n’a pas encore plu
Et j’ai des nuages, pleins de la pluie
Dans mon cœur

Téhéran, le 23 janv. 2015

Saturday, August 16, 2014


J’ai arrêté d’écrire dans ce blog il y a plus de trois ans. Je veux recommencer maintenant, mais, cette-fois en français. Peut-être c’est une façon de faire table rase du passé. Une nouvelle perspective, une nouvelle méthode, et une nouvelle langue! Mais dans le même blog. En fait, même si je pouvais mettre à l’ écart toutes mes croyances, mon corps resterait le même. Je n'en peux pas sortir.
Pourquoi ce grand changement? A vrai dire, ce n’est pas seulement la nécessité philosophique qui mène à ce type de changement les gens comme moi divisés en plusieurs parties. C’est plutôt une tendance psychologique. La tendance de détruire tous ce que j’ai créé et tous ce que j’ai été, et de le reconstruire de nouveaux. J’ai l’impression que je suis incroyablement devenu semblable à notre société. Ce que j’y avais indiqué comme la caractéristique principale, c'est-à-dire le chaos, réside maintenant dans moi-même.
En vivant dans le chaos, ce n’est pas important combien vous avez avancé, tout à coup, tous ce vous avez construit, quoi qu’il en soit, se détruit. C’est mon cas. Je suis Nichapour en 1221, Ispahan en 1722, et Kerman en 1794. Mais quand il arrive à la douleur, nous passons les frontières du temps et de l’espace. C’est pour ça que je subis toute la douleur de l’humanité pendant son histoire. Je me brûle comme Londres en 1666, je me ruine comme Berlin en 1945, et enfin, je m'écroule comme l’URSS.
Regardez, toute mon existence se détruit.

Friday, March 25, 2011

This blog is not accessible in Iran

BLOGSPOT has been filtered in Iran. Perhaps some of readers of this blog don’t know what is FILTERING. In Iran, the government prevents the users from accessing some websites, especially pages with sexual or anti-governmental contents.
Unfortunately, sometimes filtering encompasses websites without any sexual or anti-governmental contents, too. This blog, for example, is filtered because the government has decided to filter all of the blogs of Blogspot. If you read this blog carefully, you will not find any reason in which any “harmful” content could be seen.
I’m sorry because of the situation in which we are. We have been the losers of the history. When Pythagoras had been threatened in Greece, he escaped and came to Persia (Iran), and the Persian government allowed him to continue his researches. It seems that the history has been up-side-down.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Women in Pre-Islamic Persia

Encyclopedia Iranica is one of the best sources for non-Iranians to study about the Iranian culture. Nowadays the international tensions have introduced a spurious image of Iran. Though the current situation of the Iranian women is not good at all, but it is not due to the Iranian culture. For a better uderstanding of the situation of women in the Iranian culture, see the article "Women in Pre-Islamic Persia" in the Encyclopedia Iranica.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

My Persian weblog

This will be my new weblog in Persian (here). I named it "comet". Later, I'll explain this appellation. In the present blog I will continue my notes in English.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Chaos, Iran and terror

One thousand years ago, Ferdowsi, the Iranian poet said: “On the ant bearing the grain bring not strife, he is alive and joyous is sweet life”.
It has been the core of the Iranian culture. Of course Iran is not just the political territory which is now known as the country of “Iran”. Iran has been an old continent whose history is rooted in thousands of years ago. Its geographic position is from the east of the Mediterranean Sea, to the west of china. Nowadays much of this territory is called “Middle East”. Aside from the fact that this expression is biased and not scientific, we should note that the present situation does not represent the main characteristics of this land.
Iran has been the intersection point of “The west” and “The east”. So, Iran is neither eastern nor western. Neither the rational individualistic characteristics of The West, nor the irrational theosophical tendencies of The East, describe it correctly. Both of them represent themselves in it. I think this is the most important advantage of the Iranian culture. But at the same time this property made the society vulnerable. Iran between Western, Eastern and Arabian powers, had the unique position as the bridge of civilizations. Chaos appeared in Iran as a result of invasion of three major powers: Greeks, Arabs and Mongols. I have previously discussed about chaos in Iran.
In the last decades there have been a lot of conflicts and wars in the Iranian lands. In “Afghanistan” (as you know, it was a part of Iran before its separation with the cooperation of a freemason called Mirza Aghakhan Nouri and the British government) the presence of the above mentioned three major forces is obvious: the eastern communism with the direct role of Russia, the Arabic-Islamic fundamentalism and finally the American invasion. Many western citizens may accuse the Iranian culture for the recent terrorism in “Afghanistan”, but we should make it clear that these terrors have appeared as a result of the chaotic situation imposed by Russians, Americans and Arabs. No one can ignore the role of the US government in generating Islamic fundamentalism in the Iranian lands, especially in “Afghanistan”.
One of the American strategists has proposed the US government to help develop chaos in Iran. He thinks that the only way to subordinate the Iranian government is to destroy the foundations of order in the society. This fellow thinks using chaos theory is so easy. It seems that he doesn’t know that the first rule of the chaos theory is that no one can control anything. We must remind him what the external forces have done in the recent centuries. They have done nothing but developing chaos. It is true that in chaos theory, exerting external force always leads to chaos. But when chaos appeared, no one can control it. Thus, we should keep in mind the role of the external forces in emerging terrorism.
The Iranian culture has never admitted terrorism. Saadi, the Iranian poet, expresses it in this way:

The ease of two worlds is the explanation of these two words: With friends, kindness; with enemies, courtesy.
In 2007, Britsh MPs visiting the Pentagon were shocked to be told by one of President Bush's senior women officials: “I hate all Iranians”. She is absolutely unfamiliar with the Iranian culture and literature. She doesn’t know anything about history as well. If she does, first of all she would hate herself because of the role of her government in destroying the Iranian culture. They are very active in Afghanistan to destroy the Iranian identity of this land. Just look at what is happening at there: a destructive war between Americans and Arabic-Islamic fundamentalists whose roots are in Pakistan. The Iranian culture is exactly against terror. Chaos will not benefit anyone, but terrorists.

Friday, March 19, 2010

An amazing distribution of scores

Today, I found a blog conducted by an Iranian sociology teacher, accidentally. I don’t know him at all. He has put the scores of his students on his blog, so I was motivated to find out how is the range of scores. I was shocked seeing the list! Most of them were lesser than 10 and there were several scores such as 2, 2.5, 3 and so on. It should be noted that in Iran, the range of scores in from 0 to 20. I recommend you to take a look at this teacher’s score list, here.
The title of that course, was “Introduction to sociology”! Are his students extremely weak? Or is he an autocratic teacher? I don’t know. Perhaps none of them, he is may be incapable of teaching sociology, as we can see most of his students has failed the exam.
By contrast, there are teachers in Iran, whose all students pass the exams with scores of more than 16 or 17. The distribution is interesting. I don’t believe that all scores must have the normal distribution, but something that has always been in my mind is the teachers’ self-confidence. Are their means of examination so accurate that leads them to giving such amazing scores?